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Best Tattoos


Best Tattoos

Often, a tattoo artist will be asked what the best tattoos are for a person to get. This is a tricky question for every tattoo artist to answer for a number of reasons. To begin with, each area of the country tends to have some sort of a fad going on, and they all tend to be different fads, so what’s popular for an artist on one side of the country may not be popular for another artist on the other side of the country.  However, the biggest reason why it’s difficult for a tattoo artist to answer that question is because tattoos are designed to be unique.

Yes, there are many tattoos that are considered to be “generic” tattoos,  those ones that almost everyone seems to have tattooed on themselves, such as hearts or crosses.  By nature, a tattoo is a way to express yourself, and because everybody’s different, there isn’t a huge trend that tends to stick for any long amount of time. That makes answering what the best tattoos to get are a very difficult thing indeed.

Instead of asking your tattoo artist what the best tattoos are, ask them what they think would be the best thing for your specific body and needs. Schedule a time to sit down with your tattoo artist and explain to them why you want a tattoo and what some of your loves are. If the two of you talk for long enough you should be able to figure out a design that makes sense for your needs and that actually represents you in a great way. Don’t just try to get a tattoo simply because it’s popular today. Instead, get something that truly means something to you.