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Ambigram Tattoos


Ambigram Tattoos

When it comes to the tattoo world, there are some things that tend to be popular for awhile, making them a fad. Some fads are sort of silly, while other fads are actually very unique and fun. One of the more unique fads to come around recently is ambigram tattoos. What is an ambigram? An ambigram is a word or phrase that reads the same in more than one direction. For instance, if you could read the word ambigram one way, and then flipped it over and could still read the word ambigram, you have created an ambigram.

Ambigram tattoos are great fun because not only can you have one word become an ambigram, but you may be able to create two words into one ambigram. Take names. If you and your spouse have names that work, you could have ambigram tattoos for each of you that read both your name and your spouse’s name. One way it may read the name Mindy, for instance, and the other way it may read the name Scott. There is, however, one problem with ambigram tattoos, and that is that they’re not the easiest thing to create.

Even the best artist may have a difficult time creating ambigram tattoos for you, which is why you may want to look to another area in order to get ambigram tattoos that you will like and that actually work. There are a few different websites available now which create an ambigram for you out of one or two words using a software program. Once you create an ambigram you like, print out the design (you may have to pay for it) and take it to your tattoo artist. They should be easily able to transfer the image into something that they can tattoo on your body for all to see.