Top 10 Awesome Celebrity Tattoos

by yosef on April 18, 2011

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You may be covered in tattoos or just considering getting one on your body that signifies your wild side. Whatever your reasons for researching what is out there you are not alone. Often we look to see what celebrities are doing in the world of fashion and trend and that includes their ink. Take a look at some of the top 10 celebrity tattoos for your own designs…or just because you are curious.

Barbed wire is in, but do you know who started it? Well it is none other than the buxom Pamela Anderson. Her other features may take precedent when you look at here but the barb was the thing that people emulated and have been ever since.

Another top 10 is Johnny Depp’s ‘Winona Forever’ tat that has made a statement for prosperity (or until he gets it removed). It has encouraged others to make bold statements on their arm of how they feel. But beware; though Winona didn’t last the tattoo did so learn from it.

The list would not be complete with Angelina Jolie and her many inks, but more famous is the tiger on her back. Truly a work of art and maybe a great parenting tool now with her many kids. Just picture them saying, “the tiger is watching!” And speaking of fierce, Mike Tyson’s stripes on his face are also a celebrity statement that stands out.

Another way to go is to look for celebrity tattoos. This is the sites that give you ideas based on what other celebrities are wearing. From Brittney Spears’ fairy tattoos to a Lady Gaga butterfly you will find it all. And you can emulate one of the many of Depp as well as Ludacris and more.

You may also find top 10 celebrity tattoos that make the ‘fail’ list. Beware of what you choose and where you choose it. Size does matter and so does finding a good artist. Succeed in choosing the right one for you by learning from the mistakes of celebs as well.

Hope you like our tribute to Charlie Sheen with the Tiger Blood tattoo above!

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  • tattoo Charlotte

    Celebrities share a significant detail or two
    about their tattoos and some people just find these ideas rather inspiring. The
    thing is, not all celebrities are good in choosing their tattoo designs, so if
    one is going to consider having a tattoo, it’s better to get a design that
    reflects his or her own personality and choose a tattoo artist that offers
    quality and safety. 

  • Jeremy

    Celebrities really have their own taste when it comes to tattoo. Some may think that those matching tattoos or scary tattoos are just for fashion. For some, it could be some symbolism from one part of their life or it signifies a certain portion of their personality.

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