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You have a lot of decisions to make once you decide to get a tattoo. One thing is what you are going to put on your skin for life. This can be a daunting task for someone who really wants a tattoo, but doesn’t know if an artist can do it. And then choosing just the right design is as equally important. You don’t have to go into an ink art shop empty handed. Finding a piece of wearable art online is easy to do and gives you the confidence to know what you want.

There are many sites that have art but finding one that gives you access to downloading the art and taking it with you as you meet an artist is a great tool. You can find this online easily and get the ink you want. You also do not have to pay a heavy price for a great design.

Many artists have shared their work, which you can buy if you like it for a minimal cost. Some begin at only five dollars per download. Often if you find a great site such as this you can also not only get the colored art to bring with you but you can also get the stencil outline as well. This will ensure you get the exact design you want.

One of the best sites found out there is ours: ChooseTattoos. Our site has hundreds of choices for you to browse from. If you are looking for a specific type of art we them by category for easy browsing. And if you want a download as a gift you can even have others buy credits. It is also a great asset to any artists who are looking for new designs.


In searching for a tattoo artist and not being hip enough to hang with those who are endowed in ink, soccer moms are often left out of the tattoo discussions. When you begin to search for a place to get it done you can be overwhelmed as an “outsider.”

The first obstacle is making sure you want the tattoo. After all, it is going to be on your body for the rest of your life. We don’t’ know about you but we figured if a person is going to have it on for an eternity you may want to put a little thought into it. There are so many cool inks out there we wanted to make sure that novices were secure with their art decisions.

This is where ChooseTattoos.com comes in. ChooseTattoos isn’t that typical tattoo site with blaring music from some of the shops my kids like to buy clothes in. We’re simple and direct with what we offer. We also have a lot of cool designs that vary in appeal from young to old.

For soccer moms, you’ll love the fact that the work on here begins at only $5!. Pretty good for any mom wanting to take a walk on the wild side, but not break the family budget. Not only do they have a wealth of great designs, but also make the buying process fairly streamlined.


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